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Women’s History Month: Influential Women

Updated: Mar 31, 2019

In lien of it being Women’s History Month I thought it would be cool to end the month with a blog post on the women who have helped me along my path & continue to do so.

I’ve achieved a few noteworthy accomplishments over the quarter of a century I’ve been blessed on this earth but I’d like to focus on the micro achievements today. I’m proud of all the small & big alike. The tiny achievements have been milestones on my path for greater, living a purpose driven life. All the Student of the Month Awards, Outstanding Citizenships, Academic Accolades & praises from loved ones lead me here. Some achievements, like leaving a bad relationship, don’t sound as cool but were just as important.

So whose helped me along the way? Of course, like many, my Mother tops the list. If you asked her what’s the first achievement of mine she remembers she would probably go all the way back to grade school for an actual “award” or she might get even more sentimental & go all the way back to my infancy & say something like my first word, first crawl or walk. Regardless she’s been there from the start. Watering me like a flower & watching me grow.

The other women in my family have done the same. Without the support of my grandmothers, great grandmother, aunts, sister & cousins I don’t know where I would be.

When I was younger I idolized my Aunt Sherry. Whenever my mother would tell me something I would huff & puff but my aunt was my voice of reason. She would listen to my perspective & even let me know when she agreed my mom was wrong lol. In retrospect she’s probably why I trust the voice inside my head so much. She taught me logic. And always kept it real when I was wrong (which was more often than I liked).

My cousin Brittani & I are a year apart in age. In High School we became inseparable. Cousins?More like sisters. She taught me unconditional loyalty. After High School I went away to college for a year. Homesick & trying to leave a toxic relationship I came home. We achieved independent together & learned responsibly side by side when we rented our first apartment. We got a dog, and were puppy parents. We found the highs & lows of adulthood out together. Getting hired, fired & quitting many jobs together.

My sister during this time taught me tough love is the best love. She saw Brittani & I trying so hard to be independent but we weren’t fully ready. She’d been in our shoes & had perspective. It would take me hours to list all the women in my family & give a glimpse into how they shaped me.

The same goes for my friends. I am blessed to have so many wonderful friends (more like family) that support me. To call out a few (hopefully without making anyone feel left out):

1. Michelle: She’s my oldest & dearest friend. She’s a phenomenal mother & friend. A true confidant. We grew up fast together & I’m so blessed we grew together instead of apart.

2. Monet: Who would have thought my mom would set me up with a bestie! During a time I felt lost she welcomed me into her church & her family. The growth I experienced at Faith Ministries was exponential. She’s kind, caring, a bomb hair stylist, a wonderful mother to my two beautiful god children, and a soon to be beautiful wife. (I know you see all that bling on her finger courtesy of YPJ).

3. Nada & the crew: Nada & I probably have one of the best meeting stories. We meet at my bachelorette party (she was on a date lol) her warm & outgoing personality drew me in. We danced that night away. I loved her so much I invited her to my wedding & we’ve been inseparable ever since. Equally as great as our friendship is are all the friendship I’ve made through her. Her sister Nadeen is my soul sister. We’ve got a ton in common & she always GETS ME! Nada’s best friend Shema is one of those souls that you meet & you’re just drawn in. She’s brilliant & beautiful. She tells it like it is & is fiercely protective of her loved ones. She’s always showing up for her friends & I’m proud to be one of them. Her & Nada showed up and helped out for my first jewelry event. Neither of them truly know just how much that meant to me. Nada’s friend Rere is my Mommy-in-Crime! Our son’s were born within a few weeks of each other & we’ve been blessed to go through first time motherhood together. Our son’s are going to be the best of friends. It’s amazing building these lifetime bonds with these ladies! I could go on & on with at least 10 other incredible women I’ve met through Nada, but they know who they are.

As I start this next chapter of opening my store I am blessed & humbled by everything & everyone that it has taken to get here. I look to the future in excitement & amazement. My dreams & goals get bigger by the day. Want to follow me on my journey? Subscribe to our mailing list to stay up to date on everything Trish & YPJ.

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