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Discover Your Dream Ring: Book a Complimentary Consultation Today!

Hey there, fellow dreamers! Are you ready to turn your dream engagement ring into a reality? At Your Personal Jeweler, we specialize in crafting custom engagement rings that are as unique as your love story. Our focus is not only on crafting gorgeous rings but also infusing them with personalized sentimental details, ensuring it tells your story and becomes a cherished heirloom for generations to come.


Why Choose Us?

Tailored Just for You

Forget cookie-cutter designs. We understand that your love story is unlike any other. That's why we're all about crafting rings that celebrate the uniqueness of your relationship. Your ring won't just look amazing; it'll be a symbol of your one-of-a-kind romance, meticulously crafted to showcase your personality and style.

Transparent Practices

We believe in being open and honest with our clients. From the origin of our materials to the details of our craftsmanship process, we're dedicated to providing full transparency every step of the way. Have questions? Just ask – we're here to answer them and ensure you feel confident in your decision to work with us.

Ethical Craftsmanship

We believe in more than just creating beautiful rings – we're committed to ethical craftsmanship and transparent practices every step of the way. We source our materials responsibly, ensuring that every diamond, gemstone, and metal used in our designs is ethically mined and sourced. We prioritize fair labor practices and environmentally sustainable methods to protect both people and the planet.

Flexible Pricing and Payment Options

Big or small budget, we've got options for you. Choose from earth-mined diamonds, lab-grown beauties, or perhaps a pop of color with a radiant teal sapphire. We believe your dream ring shouldn't be out of reach. That's why we offer flexible payment plans, including layaway and financing. Because everyone deserves their happily ever after.

Our Design Process


Let's Chat

Book your appointment at our studio in Royal Oak, MI, or hop on a virtual Zoom call. We'll chat about what you're looking for, offer our expert advice and once we've nailed down the details, we'll get to work. Easy peasy!


Bring Your Vision to Life

Using fancy tech wizardry (aka CAD), we'll create a digital version of your dream ring. You'll get to see it from every angle and make any tweaks you want. And hey, we can even you a 3D printed sample to ooh and aah over!


Time to Shine

Once you've given the thumbs up, we'll cast your ring in the metal of your choice and set those sparkly stones. Then, it's just a matter of paying the balance and eagerly awaiting your ring's grand debut.


Limited Time Offer: Book Now and Receive a Complimentary Travel Ring Replica Valued at $250!

Hey, jet-setting dreamers! Picture this: you're off on your next adventure, and you want to keep your precious ring safe and sound. Well, guess what? When you book your consultation with us today, you'll receive a fabulous bonus – a travel ring replica valued at $250, absolutely free! Now you can flaunt your style wherever you go, while your real treasure stays safely tucked away at home. Book now and travel with confidence, knowing your sparkle is always by your side. Let's make your ring dreams a reality – with a touch of wanderlust!

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