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Our Story / About Us

One might argue (and I'd have to agree) our story starts in 1983 when James Floyd opened The Gold Mine, a fine jewelry pawn shop on Detroit's east side near Downtown. His store would serve as a pillar to the community for over three decades and birth our founder Trish's passion for fine jewelry. Through her time working at her grandfather's store, she learned the ins & outs of the trade although in her youth she was more interested in wearing all the pretty diamonds and not their chemical structure. She later received formal training at the prestigious Gemological Institute of America or GIA for short earning a Graduate Diamonds diploma.


Being the third generation in her family to embark on a career in the jewelry industry Trish decided she wanted to impact the jewelry community in a unique way, different from the traditional retail stores her family took up. So she created Your Personal Jeweler.


With a focus on custom design Your Personal Jeweler custom crafts each piece of jewelry in our client's preferred metal & gemstones. Our heirloom-quality fine jewelry is made with the earth in mind so we use recycled metals and ethically mined or made gemstones. No matter what you're searching for we put the same quality care into ensuring all our customers find their best jewelry fit.


We believe fine jewelry should tell a story and be made to last generations. We design our jewelry to last and avoid cost-saving measures like using ultra-thin chains with inferior clasps and commercial quality diamonds.


We specialize in custom engagement rings and wedding bands that tell you and your partner's unique love story. The sentimental details are perhaps our favorite. We can incorporate special dates, places, birthstones, heritage, hobbies, and faith to name a few. 


 We are passionate about giving back to the community we serve. To inquire about having YPJ donate to a local charitable cause email with the subject line "Giving Back".

Want to know more? Visit our FAQ page.

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