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About the Owner

Patricia (Trish) Carruth's journey in the world of jewelry design is a tapestry woven with passion, family heritage, and an unwavering dedication to craftsmanship. Trish's early exposure to the world of precious gems and metals began in the heart of her family – her grandfather's jewelry and pawn store. It was there that she first witnessed the magic of jewelry creation and developed an appreciation for the artistry behind each piece.

Growing up amidst the glimmering treasures of her grandfather's store, Trish's fascination with jewelry deepened. But her dreams extended beyond just being an observer. As a young girl, she aspired to be a wedding planner, inspired by the joy and love that weddings represented. Little did she know that this dream would eventually intertwine with her love for jewelry, leading to the creation of Your Personal Jeweler.

Trish's journey as a wife and mother of two young boys added a profound layer to her life. She understood firsthand the significance of love, commitment, and the importance of celebrating special moments. It was this deep personal connection to love and family that fueled her desire to craft meaningful jewelry.

In 2019, Trish founded Your Personal Jeweler, a brand that would become synonymous with exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail. As the lead designer, she poured her heart and soul into every piece, transforming her clients' visions into wearable works of art. Her designs became cherished symbols of love, devotion, and commitment.

Trish's contributions to the jewelry industry did not go unnoticed. She earned the prestigious title of winner in the Black in Jewelry Coalition Together by Design Competition, a testament to her innovative approach and talent. Additionally, she was named one of the Jewelers of America 20 under 40, a remarkable recognition of her leadership and impact in the industry. Trish's journey is marked by her ability to inspire others with her unwavering dedication.


Continuously pushing boundaries, Trish recently expanded into wholesale, eager to share her creations with a wider audience. Her dream is for her pieces to be worn and cherished for decades to come, symbolizing love and commitment, just as she cherishes her role as a wife and mother to two wonderful boys.

In every piece she designs, Trish Carruth weaves together the threads of her family's legacy, her childhood dreams, and her love for jewelry. She has truly become a trailblazer in the world of jewelry design, reshaping personalized luxury and crafting pieces that capture the essence of love and devotion.

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