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Atlanta Jewelry Show March 2019

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

Welcome to my blog! I’ve been thinking for a while now about sharing my accounts in the industry with you all & my recent trip to Atlanta provides the perfect segue. (Spoiler Alert: IT WAS EVENTFUL!!!)

The trip to Atlanta started out how most of my trips start, with me running around last minute to pack. The airport went as smoothly as it could go when you’re traveling with an 8 month old. My car rental agency tried to give me a minivan (I don’t care how many kids I have you won’t catch me in one of those lol). Our Airbnb flat our refused to check us in until the next day (spoiler he then canceled completely the next day an hour before check in). My husband missed his first flight to us & 100 small things like misplaced glasses & lost ID’s happen in between. But our ability to quickly move past things & squeeze every ounce out of opportunity made Atlanta an amazing trip. We met so many wonderful vendors & jewelry industry professionals. We scouted cutting end technology & collaborations that are going to directly & immediately benefit YPJ customers! So what’s new?

1. We’re apart of the VDB family! Lawrence from VDB was an absolute gem! I look forward to his mentorship. With VDB I can now show my customers the full selection of diamonds & gemstones that are available for them all from the convenience of one greatly crafted app.

From left to right: Trish (YPJ), Derius (YPJ), Lawrence (VDB)

2. We’re ALL ABOUT lab diamonds. Through new partnerships with big & small brands alike we’re committed to partners that provide the biggest value to our customers. Teva & Created Brilliance are just a few we’re excited announce.

3.The future of jewelry design: With new innovations such as the CDLM by Michigan based company EnvisionTec the limits of what a small mom & pop store like YPJ can accomplish are expanding. What use to take a collective can now be accomplished in a fraction of the time, by a fraction of the people, in a fraction of the space. Which is just as exciting for me as is it my customers because it all leads to even more savings for them!

4. Michigan based manufacturing company HL mountings are a great resource if we experience jobs above the volume we can handle, ensuring customer always receive jobs in a timely matter with the same quality to detail given to every piece.

5.Our friends at Yehuda demonstrated their new Sherlock Holmes Diamond detector & we’re in the process of getting it for our store. We plan on offering a free service to anyone wishing to verify mined or created origin of their diamonds. We love created diamonds but we are all about disclosure.

Sherlock Holmes Detector by Yehuda

BONUS: Atlanta wasn’t just all work.( which is subjective, because when you love what you do is it really work?) The organizers of show made sure nightly mingles were lively & that the classes offered were of value. They also made sure we didn't have to leave the convenience of the show floor for a nice hot meal. It was great! Next show we hope to get out on the town more and experience more of Atlanta's cuisine. The show floor was even sprinkled with gems like the Relaxation Station to recoup after all the show fun! This bi-yearly show has become a must on our schedule. Follow the hashtag #atljewelryshow to follow our adventures.

Until next time ATL! <3

P.S our little jeweler in training was exhausted and caught some much need Z's on the flight back to MI.

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