Le Saphir

Year of the Sapphire

Sustainable Luxury

Our custom-crafted jewelry is as unique as you prefer earth-mined or lab grown diamonds and gemstones you can feel good knowing you are buying heirloom quality jewelry made with recycled metals and ethically sourced gemstones.

One-on-one consultation with GIA diamond graduate, Trish. The session will highlight the 4 C's of diamonds, match you to the right metal choice best suited for your uniqu...
Engagement Ring Consultation
1 hr
One-on-one consultation with Jeweler's of America Certified Senior Sales Professional. Consultant will work one on one with the client to develop a tailored jewelry selec...
Fine Jewelry Consultation
45 min
Looking to have something unique made? We'll work with you to create just the piece for you. Just bring your idea & let us work out the rest. $100 Consultation fee incl...
Custom Design Consultation
1 hr 30 min