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Your Personal Jeweler

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

I remember walking through the third floor of the Advance Building one day. (The 3rd floor is all jewelry stores.) One store after the next I saw the same thing. Employees & owners sitting around doing NOTHING. I LOVED JEWELRY. But I couldn’t imagine that being me. Out of their 8 hour+ day not even half of it was spent servicing customers & being productive. But how could I do what I loved without being held back by the traditional norms of the industry?

When I found out my husband & I were expecting I was nervous that I would have to put my career on hold. What I didn’t realize is how much my son would inspire me to challenge myself & break all the limits I had self imposed & that had been taught to me. You see my grandfather is my one of my biggest supporters but he’s also very old school. He followed the traditional path for a jewelry store owner & it made him millions! So naturally his advice for me would be to do the same. But times are not the same. Customers are not the same. With tough competition from online vendors, many not even in the same country, it’s an uphill battle trying to convert customers. But like many millennials I love the power of the internet & the power of learning something new everyday. It’s amazing how a simple mindset to teach my clients & provide them with ample choices so THEY can pick what best suits them translated into such a prosperous business. But I’m not surprised. When I lost my salesman attitude & simply focused on getting to know my clientele one on one, listening to there needs, providing expert advice when needed, and used stated expertise to find the best options for them my business grew exponentially. I strongly believe the future of jewelry is Personal Jewelers. I look forward to empowering a new generation of jewelry enthusiasts to set their own schedule & have a balanced work & home life.

So what does this Personal Jeweler’s typical work day look like? Well, after I’ve done my son’s morning routine he’s normally in his play pen or walker while I’m sending morning emails & getting myself together. We play together & he’s down for a nap right in time for me to make business calls & work on some jewelry design. Customer appointments are usually scheduled in the afternoon & he’s either with his one of his grandma’s, my husband or a sitter while I run all my afternoon errands. When I get back home I cook dinner & spend time with my husband & son before going on social media expanding my brand reach, making advertisements, looking for events to attend & learn at least one new thing. Everything that needs to be done in office is, and everything that I can do from the convenience of my home while being my son’s caretaker & best friend is. It’s the best of both worlds. I’m able to strategically organize my day in a way that makes the most sense for me. I love helping others do it the same!

Lastly, I know you’re probably wondering how the process works for a client. It starts with them making the awesome choice of choosing us! They reach out via email, text, call (really any form of mobile connection: Facebook Messenger, Instagram DM’s. ANY & EVERYTHING) if they have any questions before booking an appointment. We have appointment services for engagement rings, fine jewelry in general, custom design & repair/ restoration of fine jewelry. When a customer books an appointment they’re prompted to provide as much detail as possible about their specific needs. We reach out if we feel we need any additional information. We then curate a personalized experience based on the information we gathered. Next we have our appointment in a relaxed NO pressure environment making sure we educate & provide the best fine jewelry options for them. The advice we give is the same we would give to our own family & friends. After the buying process is complete we follow up to make sure we have met & exceeded expectations. Ready to book with us? Click the link below!

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